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What is CNFT?

CNFT stands for Cardano  Non-Fungible Token. A NFT (Non-Fungible Token) means the item is unique. Using a signature and time-locked minting policy, so after a certain period of time there are no more tokens minted using that policy.

What can you collect?

How can you buy?

Every King and Queen CNFT will explore the history during each Monarch's time in reign. Build up your digital art collection of Royals and share it with others.

Cardano Kings and Queens tokens will be available soon via the platform. You will also be able to purchase on our website too. You will need to buy your tokens quickly as there will be a limited number of each token.


 New CNFT sales will be announced via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


Kings and Queens

Cardano Kings and Queens will be a unique collection of CNFTs displaying the timeline and history of the British Monarchy.

This will be the first ever digital Royal art collection of the 61 British Monarch's. Starting with HM Queen Elizabeth II and ending with the first ever British Monarch. 

Our artwork of each Monarch will allow you to explore the history behind each reigning King or Queen. 

The CNFTs will be released in random order across the timeline of British Kings and Queens.

Number of tokens minted for each King and Queen, and ADA price will be announced soon!


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A Brief History

Over approximately 1200 years there has been 61 Monarchs of England and Britain. 

Queen Elizabeth II became Britains longest serving Monarch on the 9th September 2015. In 2022 Her Majesty will celebrate the Platinum Jubilee to mark 70th anniversary on the Throne. This will be the first time any British Monarch has celebrated a Platinum Jubilee.

If you would like to read more on the British Monarchy 


Frequently Asked Questions

Which wallet can I use?

Yorio wallet supports multi-assets, this is what we recommend to use. Daedalus (4.0.3 version onwards) now accepts multi assets too!

Is this a real CNFT?

Each token is unique. By using a signature and time-locked minting policy. After a certain period of time there is no way to mint anymore tokens using that policy.

You may check your policy ID using:

Do CNFTs have Metadata?

Yes, the metadata for each token is stored on the Cardano Blockchain. The metadata are in the minting transaction of the token.

Step 1:
Step 2: Insert Policy ID into search
Step 3: see Mint Transaction
Step 4: Select Transaction Hash
Step 5: Scroll down to Metadata

How do I know how many tokens are minted under the same policy?

You can check the policy ID using:


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